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Transfony - Online Money Transfer App

Transfony is a full application template of Online Money Transfer using VISA and MASTERCARD. Send money to a family member, share expenses with a friend or pay off a Visa credit card bill. Visa Direct is simple to use for both sender and recipient. If you are interested to develop your own Online Money Transfer Android and iOS app. So Transfony is perfect for yours. It is full application UI KIT developed by Flutter. It contains 15+ awesome screens with various kind of UI. It's made a lot easier for all developers. Anyone can run apps by following the project instructions. So all features are given below:

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Highlight Features

Fast, Secure Online Money Transfer
Track Your Every Step of the Way
Get Real Time Notifications for Transaction
Ready to Start Functional App
GetX State Management
Clean Code

All Features

Splash Screen
Onboard screens(x3)
Sign In Screen
Sign Up Screen
OTP Screen
Forgot Password Screen
Reset Password Screen
Dashboard Screen
Profile Screen
Add Benificiary Screen
Benificiary Screen
Recent Activities Screen
Transaction History Screen
Help Center Screen
Final Checkout Screen
Payment Success Screen


Flutter - v2.x
Dart - v2.x

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Free Lifetime Updates & Great Customer Services

Free Lifetime Updates & Great Customer Services. We will make updates to add more apps and features continuously to make this UI kit more perfect. If there is an update from the Flutter SDK, we will also perform updates to improve performance quality.

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