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cardRemit - Virtual Prepaid Card and Remittance Platform Flutter App

cardRemit is a full application template of Virtual Prepaid Card and Remittance Platform Flutter App. Create and manage your own virtual cards from anywhere. Whether you’re a large corporate entity, a small business, or a freelancer, create cards that help you grow your business and online remittance service based that offers international money transfers to all over countries. If you are interested to develop your own Virtual Prepaid Card and Remittance Platform Android and iOS app. So cardRemit is perfect for yours. It is full application UI KIT developed by Flutter. It contains 70+ awesome screens with various kind of UI. It's made a lot easier for all developers. Anyone can run apps by following the project instructions. flutter app appdevs support appdevs support appdevs support

App Screenshots with Details

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Highlight Features

Buy VISA or Mastercard
Make Payment Anytime Anywhere
Currency Exchange System
Complete Remittance System
Deposit and Withdraw System
GetX State Management
Clean Code

Included Screens and Dialogs

Splash Screen
Onboard(x3) Screen
Welcome Screen
Select Language Screen
Login Screen
Forgot Password Screen
OTP Screen
Reset Password Screen
Register Screen
Email Verification Screen
ID Passport Screen
Congratulations Screen
Dashboard Screen
Navigation Screen
Service Screen
Scan Qe Code Screen
Add Number Send Money Screen
Add Amount Send Money Screen
Pin Screen
Review Send Money Screen
Confirm Send Money Screen
Add Number Mobile Recharge Screen
Add Amount Mobile Recharge Screen
Pin Mobile Recharge Screen
Review Mobile Recharge Screen
Add Number Cash Out Screen
Add Amount Cash Out Screen
Pin Cash Out Screen
Review Cash Out Screen
Add Number Payment Screen
Add Amount Payment Screen
Pin Payment Screen
Review Payment Screen
Add Source Bank Tocardremit Screen
Bank Tocardremit Add Money Screen
Card Tocardremit Add Money Screen
Add Bank Bank Tocardremit Screen
Add Account And Amount Bank Tocardremit Screen
Select Account Bank Tocardremit Screen
Review Bank Tocardremit Screen
Dynamic Password Bank Tocardremit Screen
Confirm Bank Tocardremit Screen
Add Bank Internet Banking Screen
Add Account And Amount Internet Banking Screen
Select Account Internet Banking Screen
Review Internet Banking Screen
Dynamic Password Internet Banking Screen
Confirm Internet Banking Screen
Add Account And Amount Card Tocardremit Screen
Select Card CardT ocardremit Screen
Review Card Tocardremit Screen
Dynamic Password CardTocardremit Screen
Confirm Card Tocardremit Screen
Add Account And Amount Card Tocardremit Visa Card Screen
Select Card Card Tocardremit Visa Card Screen
Review Card Tocardremit Visa Card Screen
Dynamic Password Card Tocardremit Visa Card Screen
Confirm Card Tocardremit Visa Card Screen
Add Organization Screen
Add Source Transfer Money Screen
Prepaid Token Screen
Add Source Transfer Money Screen
Add Bank Transfer Money Screen
Select Card Transfer Money Screen
Add Amount Transfer Money Screen
Pin Transfer Money Screen
Review Transfer Money Screen
Confirm Transfer Money Screen
Saving Rules Screen
Scheme Screen
Add Term And Frequency Screen
Deposit Amount Screen
Review Saving Screen
Confirm Saving Screen
Data Saving Screen
Data Show Screen
History Saving Screen
Remittance Source Screen
Pin Remittance Screen
Add Amount Remittance Money Screen
Review Remittance Screen
Transactions Screen
Daily Limit Screen
Coupon Screen
Information Update Screen
Refer To cardremit Screen
Cardremit Map Screen
Setting Screen
Change Name Screen
Change Picture Screen
Live ChatS creen
Transfer Money Scan Qr Code Screen
AddM oney Money Screen
Confirm Add Money Screen
Transfer Money Screen
Money Out Screen
Money Out Scan Qr Code Screen
Confirm Money Out Screen
Make Payment Screen
Make Payment Scan Qr CodeS creen
Confirm MakeM oney Out Screen
Confirm Make Payment Out Screen
Request Screen
Confirm Request Money Screen
Currency Exchange Screen
Confirm Currency Exchange Screen
Voucher Screen
My Qr Code Screen
Settings Screen
Update Profile Screen
Change Password Screen
Support Screen

Demo App

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Version History

    version v1.0
    --initial release

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