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GameShop - Online Game Top Up and Diamond Selling App with Admin Panel

GameShop is a full functional system of Online Game Top Up and Diamond Selling App with Admin Panel. It’s Free Fire (INGAME), Free Fire (IDCODE) and PUBG Top Up Selling Business. If you are interested to develop your own Android - iOS apps and Admin Panel. GameShop is perfect for you. Anyone can deployment by following our project documentations.

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App Screenshots with Details

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Highlight Features

User Authentication
Free Fire (IDCODE) Top Up
Free Fire (INGAME) Top Up
PUBG Game Credit
Automatic and Manual Payment Gateway
Web Admin Panel Included
Clean Code and Online Documentations
No Coding Knowledge Required

Included Screens and Dialogs

Splash Screen
Onboard(x3) Screen
Welcome Screen
Select Language Screen
Sign In Screen
Otp Screen
Reset Password Screen
Congratulations Screen
Sign Up Screen
Email Verification Screen
DashBoard Screen
Free Fire Incode Screen
Free Fire In Code Preview
Free Fire InGame Preview
Free Fire In Game Screen
Garena Shells Screen
Garena Shells Preview
Profile Screen
Add Money Screen
Add Money Preview
Payment History Screen
Edit Profile Screen
Order History Screen
Change Password Screen

Demo App and Admin Panel

    Admin Login Access
    Username: admin
    Password: admin

    User Login Access (APP)
    Username: testuser
    Password: testuser
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Version History

    version v1.0
    --initial release full functional app with web admin panel

Technology and Framework


Refund Policy

Please read the description, compatibility content thoroughly and install app or if any confusion you can contact with our support team before purchasing as we don’t offer a refund if you buy it by mistake. Because we don’t offer a refund. (If the item is downloaded)

Support Facility

Free Lifetime Updates & Great Customer Services. We will make updates to add more apps and features continuously to make this app more perfect. If there is an update from the Flutter SDK, we will also perform updates to improve performance quality.

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