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Add Android iOS app link on the admin panel

The "App URLs" feature within the super-admin panel empowers website administrators to seamlessly integrate app links, facilitating a smoother transition for users who prefer accessing content through dedicated mobile applications. By navigating to "Settings > App Settings > App URLs," administrators can effortlessly update the app section title and provide accurate URLs for both Android and iOS apps. The intuitive interface includes input fields for the title, Android App URL, and iOS App URL, offering a straightforward process to keep the app links up-to-date.

Navigation : add my app-link in my website using the super-admin panel with the provided navigation path (Settings > App Settings > App URLs), follow these steps and also you can search the (App URLs) from super-admin sidebar search box.

  1. Title:
  2. In the "Title" input field, enter the title or label for your website's app section. This title will be displayed to users, indicating the availability of your mobile app.

  3. Android App URL:
  4. In the "Android App URL" input field, provide the URL linking to your Android app. This allows users on Android devices to easily navigate to and download your mobile application from the Google Play Store.

  5. iOS App URL:
  6. In the "iOS App URL" input field, input the URL pointing to your iOS app. Users on iOS devices will use this link to access and download your app from the Apple App Store.

  7. Update Button:
  8. Click the "Update" button after entering the required information. This action saves the changes made to the App URLs section.

Note: Ensure that the provided URLs are accurate and up-to-date. Users will rely on these links to download and access your mobile app. After updating, verify the functionality by visiting your website and checking the app links in the designated section.

This feature streamlines the process of adding and updating app links on your website, facilitating a seamless transition for users who prefer accessing your content through mobile applications on both Android and iOS platforms.


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