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Difference between a Regular and an Extended license

Typically, the difference between a regular and an extended license on Codecanyon, or similar platforms, is related to the usage rights and scope of the license:

Regular License:

  1. Suitable for most individual or small business projects.
  2. Allows you to use the item in a single end product, such as a website or application, for yourself or one client.
  3. The end product can be distributed for free or sold.

Extended License:

  1. Provides additional usage rights beyond what is allowed by the regular license.
  2. Typically necessary for larger projects, products, or services where the item is a core part of the product.
  3. Allows you to use the item in multiple end products.
  4. Often required if the end product is sold to multiple clients or users.

Why Extended License:
With the extended license, you not only unlock advanced usage rights but also gain access to a range of premium services, ensuring a seamless integration of our product into your project. Here's what the extended license includes:

  1. Free Installation Services:
     Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth setup process for your convenience.
  2. Customization Features:
    Change App Name
    Modify Package Name
    Update Logo
    Adjust Brand Color
  3. Deployment Services:
    cPanel Server
    PlayStore (Android)
    AppStore (iOS)

Should you have any questions or require further clarification on the licensing options or our services, please feel free to reach out.

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