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How to set the admin role management in super-admin panel

In the dynamic realm of the Super-Admin Panel, the Admin Role Management feature stands as a robust tool for orchestrating organizational hierarchy and access control. Navigate seamlessly through the Interface Panel, proceeding to Admin Care, and then delve into Admin Role. Here, you wield the power to shape administrative roles, set permissions, and oversee all administrators with finesse.

Navigation : set the admin role management in super-admin panel with the provided navigation path (Interface Panel > Admin Care > Admin Role), follow these steps and also you can search the (Admin Role) from super-admin sidebar search box.

  1. Admin Roles
  2. In the Super-Admin Panel, efficient management of admin roles is vital for a well-organized system. Follow these steps to handle Admin Roles seamlessly:

    • Adding a New Admin Role
      • Navigate to the "Admin Role" section.
      • Click on the "Add New" button.
      • A modal named "Add New Role" will appear, featuring an input field for the role name.
      • Click the "Add" button to create the admin role or "Cancel" to close the modal.
    • Managing Admin Roles
      • A table displays your added admin roles, including serial number, role name, assigned admin, and actions.
      • Two buttons, "Edit" and "Delete," are available. Click "Edit" to modify the role name, and "Delete" to remove the admin role
  3. Role Permissions
  4. Administering role permissions adds another layer of control to the system. Follow these steps:

    • Adding a New Role Permission
      • In the "Admin Role" section, click on the "Add New" button.
      • Access the "Add New Permission" modal, input the permission name, select the associated role, and click "Add" to add the new permission.
      • Click "Cancel" to close the modal.
    • Managing Role Permissions
      • A table displays added role permissions, showing serial number, permission name, role name, status (active or inactive), and actions.
      • Three buttons, "Permission," "Edit," and "Delete," are provided. Use them to modify or delete permissions and manage role permissions effectively.
      • Note Dashboard permission is required.

  5. All Admin
  6. This feature allows you to oversee all administrators within the Super-Admin Panel.

    • Managing Admin Information
      • A table shows admin profiles with details like profile thumbnail, username, phone number, admin role, and status (active & Banned).
      • You can delete or edit admins using the respective buttons, keeping in mind that super-admin status is always active and cannot be changed.
    • Search and Add Admin
      • Utilize the search bar to find specific admins quickly.
      • Click on the "Add Admin" button to open the "Add Admin" modal.
      • Input necessary information, including profile image upload, first name, last name, username, email, password (generate it if needed), phone number, and select admin role.
      • Click "Add" to include the new admin or "Cancel" to close the modal.

Note: By following these steps, you can effectively manage admin roles and permissions in the Super-Admin Panel, ensuring a secure and well-organized system.


  • Admin Roles:
  • Initiating a new admin role is a breeze. Simply click on 'Add New,' unveil the 'Add New Role' modal, input the role name, and with a click, witness the birth of a tailored administrative role. Manage existing roles effortlessly through an intuitive table, wielding 'Edit' and 'Delete' buttons for precision control.

  • Role Permissions:
  • Crafting role permissions is a strategic move in the Super-Admin Panel. Navigate through the 'Add New' button, tailor permissions in the 'Add New Permission' modal, and seamlessly assign them to specific roles. The permissions table provides an at-a-glance overview, with 'Edit' and 'Delete' options for meticulous control.

  • All Admin:
  • Surveil the administrative landscape with the 'All Admin' feature. The table showcases vital details of each administrator, offering 'Delete' and 'Edit' functionalities. Effortlessly search through the ranks using the search bar, and augment your administrative force with the 'Add Admin' modal, ensuring a seamless influx of new members into the system.

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