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How to setup KYC using the super-admin panel

Certainly! Here's the content for the "Setup KYC" feature in your admin panel:

Navigation : Setup KYC using the super-admin panel with the provided navigation path (Verification Center > Setup KYC), follow these steps and also you can search the (Setup KYC) from super-admin sidebar search box.

  1. Setup KYC:
  2. Navigate to the Verification Center and select "Setup KYC" from the menu.

    In the "Setup KYC" table, you'll find the following options:

    • Type:
    • [Dropdown menu to select the type]

    • Status:
    • [Switcher: Active / Deactive]

    • Action:
    • [Edit Button - Click to go to the KYC Data Form page]

  3. KYC Data Form:
  4. On the KYC Data Form page, you can configure data collection systems with the following fields:

    • Field Name:
    • [Input field for the name of the field]

    • Field Types:
    • [Dropdown menu to select input text, file, textarea, or select]

    • Max File Size (MB):
    • [Input field for maximum file size in megabytes]

    • File Extension:
    • [Input field for allowed file extensions, e.g., jpg, png]

    • Field Necessity:
    • [Switcher: Required / Optional]

    • Action:
    • [Cross button - Click to delete the row]

  5. Adding Rows:
  6. Click the "Add" button to add an empty row.

    Fill in the following fields for each row:

    • Field Name
    • Field Types
    • Max File Size (MB)
    • File Extension
    • Field Necessity

    You can add multiple rows as needed.

  7. Saving Changes:
  8. After configuring the required fields, click the "Save & Change" button to save the settings for user panel.

Note: This setup allows you to manage and customize KYC data collection efficiently. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask!


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