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How to setup SMTP mail using the super-admin panel

To configure SMTP mail using the super-admin panel, follow these steps

Navigation : Setup SMTP mail using the super-admin panel with the provided navigation path (Verification Center > Setup Email > Email Method), follow these steps and also you can search the (Email Method) from super-admin sidebar search box.

  1. Email Send Method:
  2. Navigate to the "Email Method" form in the Verification Center.

    Select "SMTP" as the Email Send Method. Note: (only SMTP is available for selection).

  3. Host:
  4. Input your domain in the "Host" field. for example: This should be the domain associated with your SMTP server.

  5. Encryption:
  6. Use the SSL/TLS switcher to select the encryption method required by your SMTP server. Toggle to SSL or TLS as necessary for secure communication.

  7. Username:
  8. Enter your webmail username in the "Username" field. for example: This is the username associated with your webmail account.

  9. Password:
  10. Input your seated webmail password in the "Password" field. Ensure it matches the password for your webmail account for authentication.

  11. Mail From Address:
  12. Specify the email address you want to appear as the sender in the "Mail From Address" field. This should match your sending webmail username.

  13. Update Email Method:
  14. Once all fields are filled, click on the "Update" button to save the SMTP configuration.

Note: If the admin panel encounters issues sending emails to users' email addresses, you will receive a notification on the Email Method web page associated with your seated webmail account.

Ensure that all information entered in the form is accurate and matches the settings provided by your email service provider. If you encounter any difficulties, refer to your provider's support for assistance.

This process should enable your super-admin panel to send emails using the configured SMTP settings.


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