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Update brand logo by the super-admin panel

The "Update Brand Logo" feature in the super admin panel provides a user-friendly interface for administrators to effortlessly refresh the visual identity of the platform. This feature includes four distinct image upload input boxes, each catering to different versions of the logo: Light Version Logo, Dark Version Logo, Light Version Favicon, and Dark Version Favicon. Users can easily replace existing images, leverage drag-and-drop functionality for a seamless upload experience, and then finalize the update with a single click of the "Update" button.

Navigation : To update the brand logo using the super-admin panel with the provided navigation path (Settings > Web Settings > Image Assets), follow these steps and also you can search the (Image Assets) from superadmin sidebar search box.

  1. Input Boxes for Different Versions
  2. Light Version Logo: Replace or upload a new version of the logo intended for light backgrounds.

    Dark Version Logo: Replace or upload a new version of the logo optimized for dark backgrounds.

    Light Version Favicon: Replace or upload a new favicon designed for light backgrounds.

    Dark Version Favicon: Replace or upload a new favicon suitable for dark backgrounds.

  3. Existing Image Display
  4. Each input box displays the existing image, providing administrators with a quick reference and facilitating easy comparison with the new upload.

  5. Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  6. Enjoy a seamless upload experience by dragging and dropping images directly into the respective input boxes.

  7. Real-time Previews
  8. Instantly preview each uploaded image within its designated input box before finalizing the update.

  9. Unified Update Button
  10. Click the "Update" button once all desired changes have been made to apply the new logos and favicons across the platform.

The "Update Brand Logo" feature with multiple versions and drag-and-drop support enhances the efficiency of administrators in managing various logo versions, ensuring a consistent and polished brand representation across different backgrounds and contexts.


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